Our People



Angie French

Owner / Specialist

Angie has been with ADPC from the very beginnings, Angie has been instrumental in application and development of OCAS coding with the local state department. She acts as treasurer and assists numerous clients hands-on with their financial transitions, audits and application implementation.    


Fred Newman

Programmer / Analyst

Fred graduated from FSU. Fred has been developing software for well over twenty years, starting at the Florida department of revenue. Fred is project manager, software engineer and specializes in our Trends and Activity fund software.    


Mark Anderson

Engineer / Developer / Researcher

Mark (aka The CodeMonkey) graduated with a Computer Science degree Summa Cum Laude. Mark has been a leading software developer for over fifteen years, with another 15 years in the Financial Sector. Acquiring a vast amount of knowledge from Conferences and continuous research on latest technology. As a software engineer, architect, developer, DBA and consultant, he has developed legacy systems and web sites for several companies and institutions in the full development lifecycle.



Our qualified local support staff are our backbone, our greatest asset. Most employees have have close to two decades of experience. They are enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable of our industry and school financing. Each member, be it for support, operational or internal administration provide unparalleled service. They provide our developers insight into our customers needs and requirements. They complete the whole development operation, be it as quality assurance testers or assisting our architects with hands on experience. Mostly their greatest contribution is to truly listen to our clients.